5 Things That You Should Avoid Doing With Fitness Bands

Fitness trackers have taken the technology science by storm. The smart features such as pedometer that track number of steps, distance travelled, monitor the sleep that you have taken at night, calories you have consumed. All its features are amazing and fabulous. So, beware to avoid making following mistakes while you are opting a awesome fitness tracker for you.

You never entered your personal information

The first time you use your fitness tracker. You are required to fill out some basic information such as your weight, height, sex, age etc. you should be accurately filling these steps so that to have accurate analyse of the calories you burnt or the distance you travelled. You should be accurately filling these informations.


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You never specified which wrist it’s on

Whether buried in the settings menu or it’s the initial app set up, the fitness tracker requires you to opt which hand you should be wearing the smart band whether it’s right hand or left hand. You should be specifying your dominant hand for it so that to notify the sensitivity of the tracker accurately.

You haven’t set realistic goals

You should set up your goal step by step in fitness trackers while you are walking. First of all set up a goal of 5000 steps. Then increase gradually as you achieve this target to get a better estimate your health.


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You forgot to turn off sleep mode

You should be setting sleep mode enabled while you are sleeping to better monitor your sleep whether you are taking deep, medium or low sleep. You should disable the sleep as soon as you wake so as to estimate your sleep accurately. Beware to disable the sleep mode while you are reading book or using facebook while you are on bed.

You never calibrated it

.Different fitness trackers or fitness bands have different setting menu to monitor your health status. You are provided with awesome menu of display for your health stats when you are using bingo fitness trackers or bingo fitness bands

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