Water-proof Bingo M3 Smart Band / Braclet With HD Color Display & Dynamic 3D interface UI

Shop at https://www.bingomobile.in/bingo-m3-fitness-band.html

Whether you are counting down your steps at the wedding party or you are back country skiing, as the saying goes, “The Bingo Fitness Band or Smart Bands are the one  that you’ll actually use and it’s the one which you need to wear constantly in order to monitor your step count, heart rate, and sleep quality.. With a few tips, we can help lessen the likelihood that your new device will end up collecting dust in your junk drawer. Longer battery life, more stylish designs, better software promises that promises that fitness trackers are convenient to wear now than ever before.

Bingo M3 Fitness Smart Band is compatible with heart rate sensor or Bluetooth. It is having HD Color Display with Dynamic 3D Interface UI. It adopts  Dust proof & Corrosion protection standards. Bingo M3 Fitness Band also adopts the international IP67 water proof standards.

Bingo M3 Fitness Band is avaiable in black and blue color

  • Function:Pedometer: Sports Pedometer, Motion Odometer
  • Waterproof: IP67 IP67
  • CPU Tai Lingwei
  • Screen96 TFT Touch Screen
  • ButtonSingle Touch
  • Electricity80 mA
  • ButtonSingle Touch
  • Charging MethodUSB Interface
  • ButtonSingle Touch
  • Vibration Mode827 Wire Motor
  • Gravity Sensor: RT 3000
  • RAM 16KB+512KB
  • Features: Compatible OS: Android,IOS

Bingo M2 Fitness Band | Smart Band @ Rs 470  Shop at https://www.bingomobile.in/bingo-m2-fitness-band.html


Adopts corrosion & dust proof standards. It is having water proof Level IP67
It can be worn when washing hands or bathing, effectively preventing the corrosion of cosmetics, household goods, sweat etc. Bingo M3 Fitness Band / Smart Band or Bracelet protect from short penetration foam. It also meets the IP67 waterproof grade standard


Important Things cannot be missed through call reminder

Bingo M3 Smart Band Or Fitness Band can be shaken slightly to keep you reminding of important things that are coming. It is having awesome sleep monitoring feature and intelligent awaken silent alarm clock. It is light weight and having no feeling of discomfort. The bracelet can wake you up with a slight vibration whenever set with a alarm clock,

In order to provide the valuable guidance, the hardware intelligence can analyze and track night sleep quality, track sleep duration and depth.

Awesome Calorie consumed counter
Bingo M3 Smart Band / fitness band or smart bracelet will be able to record distance, calorie and daily steps. It provide comprehensive and safe health data that is displayed ion your mobile app to build periodic health data chart.

Fabulous Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Monitoring

M3 Fitness Band or Smart Band is using new generation technology for photoelectric heart rate sensing that supports dynamic and static heart rate detection. It is automatically recording data that allows you to keep good eye on your health. It also provide blood pressure dtetection.

Different Functions can be switched easily
In order to meet the needs of different people,  a team of designers has carefully tailored to it . Let’s have a glance

Easy Mode Of Switching and Screen Adjustment at any time
It is having multimode whether swimming, table tennis, skipping, tennis etc. Display :- 0.96 color screen, dynamic 3D interface UI. Interface can be switched very easily via light touch. It is having battery capacity of 90mAh. Bingo M3 Fitness Band is also having Bluetooth Push Support (Caller, SMS, reminders: QQ/Facebook/Wechat etc). It offers a better visual experience with more clear big screen and light technology




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