Enjoy Incoming Calls Notification On Bingo F0s Smart Band With Colorful Display

Bingo F0s smart or fitness band is an awesome fitness tracker with colorful smart display. It motivates you to keep moving and stay fit all the time.  It is  a smart fitness tracker band that keeps a close eye on your fitness level and updates you about the calories burnt by you. It also updates you regarding your heart rate, and sleep-wake cycle. This fitness band is water-proof. It gives precise details about the calories burnt and distance traveled by you. It also updates you regarding your heart rate, and sleep-wake cycle. This fitness band is water-proof.

Here are some awesome fitness features that makes bingo f0s fitness smart band a unique fitness tracker in today’s race of being fit, fine & healthy:- Read More…

  • BLOOD PRESSURE MONITORING Getting your blood pressure checked has long been a staple of your average doctor’s visit. Now, you can track your blood pressure anytime or anywhere. With this band you canmonitor the highs and lows of blood pressure.


  • COLORFUL DISPLAY-0.96″ LCD full-color TFT display screen,clearly shows the dates, day, clock and battery power. Just 19.7g,feather light. TPU strap with adjustable clasp,black color, matches with all kinds of clothesfos-tilled (1)
  • NOTIFICATIONS All day activity and sleep tracking and call, message notifications help you track your day with ease and interchangeable band and frames and customizable clock faces on the hires color touchscreen let you personalize your style for every occasion. With all this and more, F0S Band has everything you need to reach your goals, packed into one sleek time piece.


  • MODEL & DESIGN Bingo F0S Smart Band is a fitness tracker that is made of high quality TPU material with stylish strap and its rounded corner shapes make it more elegant and attractive to be fit at your wrist by making you a style icon within your friend circle. It is available in black color which suit your style in perfect scenario of living.



We can connect our android or iphones to the f0s fitness band using yoho sports app in our mobile and then keeping the bluetooth on to connect to the fitness band to enjoy incoming calls and incoming message notifications on our fitness band. This fitness band is operated by connecting your phone via Bluetooth.

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